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Gyro $6.50 Served in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & sauce. Chicken Gyro $6.50 Seasoned grilled chicken along with lettuce, tomato, onions, & gyro sauce, wrapped in pita bread. Chicken Shawarma $5.50 Marinated grilled chicken along w/garlic sauce & pickles, served in a toasted pita.
Super Falafel $5.50 Fried vegetable patties with tabouli & hummos, rolled in pita bread Shish Kafta $5.95 Ground beef, parsley & onions mixed w/our special seasoning & rolled in toasted pita Falafel $4.95 Fried vegetable patties with tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, & Tahini rolled in pita bread.
Chicken Kabob $5.50 Hummos w/ Tabouli Or Fatoush $5.95
Burgers With French Fries Add $1.25
Hamburger $6.25 Cheeseburger $6.75 Grilled Chicken $6.95
Mushroom Swiss $6.95 Wraps
Sahara Wrap $6.95 Choice of chicken or gyro served with rice, cheese, tomatoes and sauce. Kafta Wrap $6.95 Charbroiled ground beef, mixed with parsley, onions, wrapped with rice, & tomatoes & served w/ hummos Oregano Veggie Wrap $6.95 Oregano bread, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, & olives. Served w/ hummos.
Steak Fajita Wrap $7.95 Tenderloin, onions, green peppers, cheese, & rice Chicken Fajita Wrap $7.95 Grilled chicken, onions, green peppers, cheese, & rice. Buffalo Wrap $7.95 Chicken Strips, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce
lunch  Hummos, Salad, Fries, Rice or Soup. Substitute for Fatoush or Greek for $1 more
Shish Kabob $10.50 USDA choice Tenderloin over rice & a lunch item Gyro $8.95 Greek Style meat, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, on pita bread w/fries & a lunch item Kafta Kabob $8.95 Ground beef, parsley & onions mixed w/ herbs
Kafta Pizza (Arayes) $8.95 Ground beef pie toasted w/ onions, parsley. Served w/ fries & a lunch item Beef or Chicken, Onion, & $9.50 Mushroom Sautee Served over rice & a lunch item. Stir Fry $8.95 Beef, Chicken, or Veggie served over rice & a lunch item
Ghalaba $8.95 Beef, Chicken, or Veggie, sauteed over rice & a lunch item Chicken Cheese Steak $9.50 Grilled Chicken, sauteed veggies, Swiss cheese, over rice & a side. Chicken Kabob (tawook) $8.95 Served w/ rice, garlic sauce & a lunch item
Chicken Kabob $9.50 (tawook) & Kafta Served w/ rice & a lunch item Gyro & Chicken Shawarma $9.50 Seasoned grilled chicken along with zesty gyro meat. Served w/ rice, garlic & gyro sauce, plus a lunch item. Chicken Gyro $8.95 Marinated chopped chicken breast over lettuce, tomato & onions all smothered w/ gyro sauce wrapped in pita. Served w/ rice & a lunch item
Chicken Shawarma $8.95 Charbroiled chicken strips marinated & served over rice w/ garlic sauce & a lunch item. Chicken Tenders $8.50 Served w/fries & a lunch item Grape Leaves $8.95 Lamb or veggie w/rice, sauce, & a lunch item.
Vegetarian Kabob $8.95 Served w/ rice & a lunch item. Greek Spinach Pie $7.95 Served w/ rice & a lunch item. Veggie Combo II $9.95 Hummos, Fatoush, Falafel, Tabouli & Veggie Grape Leaves. No additional lunch item.
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